The Art of Transparency

Proto artifact cases provide barrier free viewing that enriches the visitor experience

while safeguarding the invaluable artifacts entrusted to your care. Crafted by a dedicated team of designers, artisans and technicians, Proto cases meet the special needs of curated collections across North America.


Designed and engineered to…


Proto Artifact Cases will present your collections with a direct visual contact that is both dramatic and intimate. There are no distracting elements. Our cases make the viewer experience as personal as it can be without actually holding the artifacts in their own hands.


A primary responsibility of all display cases is to protect the treasures they contain against accidental damage or theft. Proto cases utilize sophisticated security systems and technology that remain invisible to the viewer while assuring the safety of their contents.


To preserve fragile artifacts subject to damage from temperature, atmosphere or even certain light spectra, Proto cases can provide a carefully controlled environment that insulates them against the corrosive effects of time.


Proto products range from large freestanding cases and wall displays to pedestal and table cases for any application. All products in our extensive body of work are custom crafted to client need, with an expansive range of options including materials, lighting, security, climate control and other systems.


Proto artifact cases are a synthesis of client need and design solutions. Our design engineering capability draws on decades of experience in archival display and an artisan mastery of modern materials and systems to produce cases of enduring aesthetic and functional quality.

We measure the success of every project by its impact in the real-world setting of the clients we serve. We are proud to share this view of our installations, with the experience of the curators, conservators and archivists who use them, told in their own words.