During decades of producing museum exhibits we have perfected a range of creative and attractive accessories to enhance your exhibitions.


Label Holders

Simple and elegant, label holders offer a variety of display methods. Graphics are simply slipped in between a non-glare acrylic lens and an anodized aluminum holder. Labels can be attached inside or outside of our cases. They may also be freestanding or wall mounted. Label bands come in 2-1/2”, 5’’ or 8” heights and are available in any length up to 12’.

Gallery Signage

Enhance your exhibitions with our elegant and durable freestanding displays. They are an attractive way to present interpretive messages, wayfinding information, and other graphics. They are made using tempered glass and painted steel bases in a broad range of styles and sizes to suit your needs. We can apply permanent graphics or you can insert your own with our changeable system.

Lift Labels

Involve visitors in questions and answers about your displays with lift labels built into reading rails, gallery signage or mounted on walls. Ours are designed to be robust, function flawlessly and minimize pinch points.

Rotating Labels

Engage your visitors with a unique system for displaying information on 3 rotating faces. A special indexing system positions each graphic face in the correct viewing position. Rotating labels allow you to insert and change your own graphics. With only a single moving part rotating labels stand up to heavy use. We’ve also combined our rotating label system with a freestanding base so you can position it wherever suits your needs. The stand height is adjustable for more flexibility. They are available in a range of label sizes.

Flip Books

Flip books are capable of housing 4 to 50 two-sided pages, laser printed on tear resistant paper or laminated. Flip book pages can be easily replaced and can be made to fit any page format size. An extremely durable binding system gives these a long life even when used by thousands of visitors.

Interactive Media

Interactive media, such as touch screen monitors, is an option that may be added to display cases, reading rails, or incorporated into separate cabinetry.


Acrylic markers provide a means of identifying multiple objects and small flat art pieces within cases. Cubes and flat discs are available in sets of different sizes numbered or lettered.


Also referred to as pedestals, plinths are simple supports for the open display of sculpture or other objects. They may be made to just about any size to meet your needs. These bases can be engineered with concealed steel structures or additional framing to support objects weighing hundreds to thousands of pounds.


Platforms provide a base for the display of multiple objects. Sizes and shapes are almost limitless. Pedestal cases and freestanding graphic panels may also be installed on platforms.


Are you displaying small or intricate objects that you’d like your visitors to view closely? Our custom magnifiers provide the way. Mounted on a special armature, the magnifier may be moved up and down, right and left and stays in position without being held.